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Starts 25th June, 2024


Be the light.
Be the teacher.
Be the change.


Transform your life through the EFFORTLESS approach to meditation and empower others to do the same. 











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Live 9 Week Course



Master Effortless Meditation

THE TECHNIQUE: Master the effortless approach to meditation and establish a regular daily practice of self-directed meditation (unguided) that you absolutely adore. 

THE SCIENCE: Gain an in-depth understanding of the science, neurology, and neuropsychology of Effortless Meditation.

THE HISTORY: Learn the history, purpose, and psychology of Effortless Meditation and how it fits into the context of other styles of meditation.

THE EFFECTS: Understand what and how the profound physiological and deep psychological effects of Effortless Meditation take place. 


Embark on an Inner Growth Journey

IDENTIFY HOW YOUR MINDSET WAS FORMED: Understand how our mindsets and belief systems are subconsciously formed and the role of Effortless Meditation in transforming and expanding our mindsets and transcending our self-imposed limitations.

DEFINE SELF-LIMITING PATTERNS: Discover how we learned to react to unpleasant, uncomfortable emotions growing up and why certain people and events continue to trigger these emotions.

BREAK SELF-LIMITING PATTERNS: Learn how to successfully intervene in our self-limiting cycles of thinking, feeling, and behaving. 

FREE YOURSELF FROM PAST INSECURITIES: Distinguish emotionally incomplete residues from past relationships and events and undergo a powerful process to become complete with them and eventually free of them for life.


Teach with Confidence

CREATE GUIDED EFFORTLESS MEDITATIONS: Unleash your innate creativity to design powerful Guided Effortless Meditations; Learn our signature methodology to most effectively sequence a script using various anchors such as breathwork, body scan, sense scan, visual journey, mantra, breath, sound, etc.

IMBED PRINCIPLES OF AUTHENTIC DELIVERY: Harness your ability to deliver transcendent Guided Effortless Meditations; Imbed principles of effective facilitation into your role as a Meditation Teacher and receive feedback and voice coaching as required.

KNOW YOUR ROLE AS A MEDITATION TEACHER: Understand your limitations and boundaries as a Meditation Teacher; Take ethical and moral considerations of your role into account and know how to deal powerfully with the unexpected.

LEARN PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: Identify roadmap for building confidence as a meditation teacher, developing facilitation skills and creating your dream business.


Program Outcomes



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Fall in Love with Your Meditation Practice


Experience the difference of Effortless Meditation. No matter where you are on your meditation journey, this program will deepen your understanding and experience of the many realms of consciousness. First we will ensure you embody the effortless approach to meditation and truly master your technique. Then you will remain accountable to your daily practice through the container of weekly live sessions with your community.

Effortless Meditation is easily digestible, it requires no form of concentration or mental control. It’s easy for both teachers and their students to fall in love with because it feels amazing and the benefits in the mind and body are experienced very quickly.

Unleash Your Human Potential

Our program is much more than a certification in meditation. In order to be a living exemplar of this work for your students, we take you on a transformative inner growth journey to uncover your own emotional wholeness.

We have developed frameworks to help you uncover why you are the way you are and why certain behavioral patterns continue to show up in your life. Inner growth work in addition to meditation is a fast track to helping you be as authentic as possible with your students and to being able to teach with confidence.

Awaken the essence of who you are.

Step off the treadmill and into your most authentic self.

Shed limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior.

Learn to believe in yourself and in your own power.

Develop self love, compassion and confidence.

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Dive Deep with Your 1:1 Coach

It’s important to not only have the support of the group and the expert trainers. In the Centred Meditation Teacher Training, we pair you with a 1:1 coach to allow you to go more deep into your own growth journey, as well as to get questions answered 1:1. 

Via building a relationship with your 1:1 coach during weekly sessions, you will: 

-Experience a safe space to express yourself with a an expert in training.

-Uncover what’s holding you back with someone who has done the same work themselves.

Teach with Compassion and Confidence

You will gain the frameworks, skills and competence you need to confidently guide meditations in 1:1 and group settings.

-Make meditation accessible to your colleagues, clients, community, friends and family.

-Bring clarity, peace and resilience to others.

-Communicate more consciously and with purpose.

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Join Our Family

We behave like a family. Our values are based on mutual trust, deep authenticity, and unconditional love.


-Our program is highly personal; we operate like a large extended family.

-Create deep connections with like-minded people, people in your tribe.

-Work with your accountability buddy throughout the program.

-Maintain the relationships during and well-beyond the course.


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This program is a registered training course with the Meditation Association of Australia and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. It therefore qualifies you for full membership with both organizations.

Your Instructors


Walter Bellin

Walter pioneered the development and teaching of a wide range of methods designed to maximise the professional and personal potential of individuals, teams and organisations. Walter is an international consultant who regularly consults to the top senior management teams of Australian public and private sector organisations in the areas of corporate development, leading organisational change (specialising in organisational cultural change), leadership development, teambuilding, communication skills and strategic business planning. Walter began meditation in 1968 and has continued ever since. Meditation teaching has always been part of Walter’s leadership and personal development programmes. Walter’s purpose is to awaken and expand our human experience of peace, joy, love, and compassion, and our desire and capacity to accept and serve others.

Nikki Janks


Nikki is the Co-Founder of Centred Meditation. It was while studying Psychology at University when she experienced first hand the visceral effects of stress on her mind and body: constant anxiety, muscle spasms, digestive issues and the list goes on. She stumbled upon Effortless Meditation online and thought it sounded too good to be true! After learning the technique in 2010 she was pleasantly shocked by its immediate effects on all aspects of her life.

Nikki has since spent time in India learning from different meditation masters and Gurus, directed a non-profit organisation, trained as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, and travelled around the world organising, undertaking, and facilitating personal development and leadership programmes.

Nikki is one of the lead instructors of our Teacher Training Courses, Retreats, and Meditation Programs. Her life’s purpose is to empower people to be inspired by their own true greatness and freed up to share it with the world.




Kevin Janks


Kevin is the Co-Founder and Chief Meditation Officer at Centred Meditation. He reluctantly came to meditation out of desperation to rid himself of the detrimental effects of stress. Years down the track of cumulative benefits, he now dedicates his life to making this untapped resource more accessible to everyone.

Kevin has led and taught thousands of people to meditate through his world-first drop-in meditation studio, Corporate Program Hub and Inner Growth Retreats. He has a unique way of distilling complex intellectual topics into simple practical tools for his students. Kevin’s purpose is to raise the bar of love and affinity and decrease the level of suffering in the world.

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